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Signs Your AC is Struggling

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Here in Tennessee, it makes sense that you would want to enjoy the summer season with the help of an effectively operating air conditioner. On those days when the heat is just a bit too much to handle, your air conditioning system should keep your home as the nice cool haven that you need it to be. To do this though you will want to do everything possible to help your AC out.

One of the best ways to help your air conditioner do its job is to ensure that its repair needs are taken care of in a timely manner. Knowing what the indicators are that your system needs repairs will help you be able to reach out for service when you need it.

What Are the Signs Your Air Conditioner is Struggling?

Be on the lookout for any signs that you may need AC repair in Collierville, TN. If you pick up on one or more of these indicators your best option is to reach out for professional repair service as soon as possible.

  • Your System Sounds Strange: An air conditioner that is making a lot of loud and concerning noises is one that you should have checked. Sounds like rattling, screaming, screeching, buzzing, banging and others are all indicators of a unit that needs repairs.
  • Your AC Isn’t Producing a Steady Flow of Cool Air: Have you noticed that your air conditioner is creating cool air but the strength of the airflow from your vents is weak at best? Or maybe the airflow is strong but the temperature is too warm? Maybe it’s both! In any case, these are signs to call for repairs.
  • Your Energy Bills Are Spiking: Even a rise in your energy bill should have a limit to it. While some fluctuation in your monthly dues is normal according to your use of your AC, a huge spike without a reason isn’t something to ignore and is a sign your system is struggling.
  • There is a Delayed Response: When you turn on your thermostat next time, take a moment to take note of how long the timespan is until your air conditioner turns on. If it takes more than a minute or two, something is off and needs to be checked by a professional.
  • The System is Short Cycling: Short cycling refers to when an air conditioner doesn’t complete its full cooling cycle–usually meant to last around 15 minutes total. It could be due to an improperly sized system, a dirty evaporator coil, or something else but whatever the causes short cycling requires professional repairs ASAP.

Don’t Hesitate! Contact the Pros Today

Have you noticed one or more of the warning signs listed above? If so, it means that you need to reach out for air conditioner repairs sooner than later. Just make sure that when you do, you contact a professional technician like the ones on our team.

Our professional AC technicians have the skills, experience, and training required to get your system back into the best shape possible so you can keep cool this summer.

Contact Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to schedule a visit.

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