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Backflow Prevention in Memphis, TN

Commercial buildings face an issue with their freshwater and wastewater lines that residential homes rarely confront: cross-connections between the two sides of the plumbing system. These connections create the possibility of sewage backflow leading to the contamination of the freshwater system, a major and worrying public health hazard. Backflow prevention devices are legally required for many commercial plumbing systems, and these devices must receive routine backflow testing from certified professionals.

When your business receives a notification that its backflow preventer is due for testing, arrange for this service with Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We are certified to do the job and have extensive experience handling backflow prevention device services and many other commercial plumbing jobs. Our commitment to quality extends to all the commercial plumbing work we do in Memphis, TN

Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis! Schedule backflow preventer services through us.

The Important Role of Backflow Prevention Devices

The wastewater side of plumbing contains bacteria and other harmful contaminants that must not come into contact with the freshwater side. There must be a barrier between the halves of the plumbing. In homes, the barrier is a simple air gap: water from a sink drain cannot leap up through the air and get into the faucet. Only in a few places, such as dishwashers and irrigation systems, are there opportunities for backflow that leads to cross contamination in a house.

The complex plumbing for commercial facilities makes backflow more likely. Backflow can occur because of a sudden decline in pressure on the freshwater side. For example, firefighters using large amounts of water. The is called back siphonage. The drop in pressure pulls wastewater the wrong direction through the plumbing, allowing for contamination of the municipal freshwater system. Backflow preventers are necessary in commercial plumbing to stop the flow of wastewater the wrong direction.

Backflow Testing and Backflow Preventer Replacement

A backflow preventer uses a check valve that shuts when water moves the reverse direction from where it normally does. The closed valve prevents sewer contamination from reaching the freshwater system. To ensure this device is ready to do its job, the city will periodically send commercial buildings notification that their backflow preventers need testing. A certified technician must do the job and sign off that the preventer works—and this is where our plumbers come in. You can schedule backflow testing with them. In case of an issue with a backflow prevention device, our plumbers can repair or replace the preventer to keep your business up to code.

The Trusted Commercial Plumbers for Memphis, TN

Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing started in business more than 80 years ago. Our longevity is a tribute to how we always go above and beyond to serve the community and deliver the finest workmanship and products at fair prices. In fact, we are the oldest company of all types of companies in the Memphis, TN area who is rated with the BBB—and we’ve maintained an A+ rating since 1948.

No matter what job you need done for your commercial facility’s plumbing—such as backflow testing or a new backflow preventer installation—you can depend on us for personalized service. We know that "one size fits all" is not the right way for your business to succeed.

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