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Solar Water Heaters in Memphis, TN

Do you want to explore the advantages of using solar energy for your home? This can be an intimidating prospect, but a solar hot water heater is a good start. A solar water heater is an affordable installation that doesn’t take up large amounts of roof space, but which also provides a high return on investment.

Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing offers different types of water heaters for installations and replacements, including the best in solar water heating solutions. Our trained technicians have experience with repairs and maintenance for solar water heaters as well—you can trust us to take care of all our water heating needs in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas. We have more than 80 years of history helping local homes with quality services and products at fair prices.

Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis! Contact our team to learn more about solar water heaters in Memphis and the surrounding area.

Solar Hot Water Heaters Are Excellent Installation Choices

The basic benefit of using the energy of the sun in a house is that it’s free energy. This doesn’t mean a solar water heater costs absolutely nothing to run—there are some components that draw on electrical energy—but the cost compared to standard electrical and gas-powered systems is a mere fraction. And solar energy is renewable: it doesn’t get used up and its always available. Even in cloudy weather, solar panels can be effective, and storage batteries allows the systems to operate at night. Once a solar water heater has paid back its installation cost, it will offer nothing but energy savings for the rest of its service life!

Choosing a Solar Water Heating System

There are different types of solar water heaters. Active solar water heaters use circulating pumps to move water through the system, while passive solar water heaters don’t. Passive systems are less efficient, but also cost less. Solar water heaters can also directly warm up the water used in the house or instead heat up a heat transfer fluid. Our warmer climate here in Memphis makes it possible to use the direct heating method. Talk to our experts when you’re interested in a solar water heater, since they’ll be able to find what type of system is the right one for your needs and will provide you with the largest number of benefits.

Solar Water Heater Repairs

As with all the types of water heaters we install and replace, we provide repair service for solar water heaters. Our technicians are available 24/7 when you need fast repairs for a solar water heater that isn’t doing its job. We have a reputation as the HVAC contractor who can solve issues that confound other contractors, and our work with solar water heaters is no exception! Our technicians offer customized service rather than ineffective one-size-fit-all answers, and they’re committed to customer needs.

Schedule Solar Water Heater Maintenance in Memphis, TN

Water heaters must have annual maintenance inspections and tune-ups from professionals to ensure they last for as long as possible and remain efficient. This also applies to solar water heaters, even though have a lower number of repairs over their service lives. Our technicians can help avoid almost all repair troubles and service interruptions with regular maintenance work. Call Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to enroll your water heater in a Preventative Maintenance Program and start reaping the benefits! You’re only minutes away from finding the right water heater contractor in Memphis, TN!

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