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Water Treatment Systems in Memphis, TN

What is in the water coming from your taps, pouring out of the shower head, cycling through the washing machine? It’s more than water—and often that “more” is things you don’t want in your water. Although municipal water treatment plants remove many harmful pollutants from the water supply, more can enter it through pipes on the way to homes. The best defense against poor water quality is to have a whole-house water treatment system installed.

You can begin by consulting the plumbers at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We have an expert staff and over 80 years in business, making us a top choice for plumbing services in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas. We offer excellent products at fair prices, and we’re committed to quality work that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Contact our team for personalized water treatment services in Memphis, TN and the surrounding area. Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis!

Do You Have Water Quality Issues?

There is no single water treatment system that removes all the pollutants and unwanted particles in a water supply. Specialized water filtration systems and water purifiers target different types of impurities, so each house needs an individualized solution. Since we never use a "one size fits all" philosophy in our work, we have experience finding the right type of water treatment system to install for our customers. From standard water filtration systems to a powerful reverse osmosis system, we have the water treatment your house needs for the cleanest and safest water.

We Install and Service Reverse Osmosis Systems

What is a reverse osmosis system? It is one of the most effective water filters available on the market. A RO system can remove many of the tiniest pollutants from water that would otherwise escape activated carbon filters: heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and more.

The way a RO system works is by creating two areas of pressure on different sides of a gas-permeable membrane. The incoming water is kept at a higher pressure, and the difference in pressure forces this water through the membrane. This fine filtration traps the majority of impurities. Only a professional should install a reverse osmosis system so that it won’t cause a drop in water pressure in the rest of the plumbing.

You May Need a Water Softener in Memphis, TN

A common trouble for homes in the Memphis area is hard water in the plumbing. Hard water is water with a higher than normal solution of minerals dissolved in it. These minerals include magnesium, calcium, and gypsum. None of these minerals are harmful for people to drink, although they may create a metallic taste. The real danger of hard water is what it does to the plumbing. Hard water minerals form limescale in pipes and water fixtures, creating clogs and high water pressure. Hard water is especially destructive for water heaters. There are consequences inside the home as well, since hard water makes it harder to create soap lather and leaves a film on surfaces. It can also bleach color out of your clothes.

Speak to one of our plumbing experts at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today to find out how to have the best water quality in your house.

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