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Video Pipe Inspection in Memphis, TN

How do plumbers know where hidden leaks are inside the walls and floor of a house? How can they determine the extent of a drain clogging issue and the best way to fix it? How do they determine a pipe is too old and damaged to remain in place? You might think “educated guesswork,” but that’s not true for Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We have the finest in cutting edge video pipe inspection equipment at our disposal. There’s no need to make any guesses at all—we know what we need to do, how to do it, and where to do it.

For more than 80 years, we’ve been the trusted full-service plumbing contractor who tackles all the tough jobs in Memphis. Our licensed Journeymen plumbers are dedicated to the finest workmanship and great customer service. We personalize work to fit our customers and their needs. We’re ready 24/7 to help you out!

Contact our Memphis plumbers for video pipe inspection services. Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis!

The Basics of Video Pipe Inspection Tools

Plumbers once used a range of tools to approach pipe repair and replacement jobs, but some guesswork was eventually necessary. This could lead to time-consuming and costly errors. This is no longer necessary thanks to the miniaturization and digital technology of video pipe inspections.

A video pipe camera is a small digital camera attached to the end of a long, insulated fiber-optic cable. An LED light is mounted beside the camera for illumination. A plumber sends the cable down into drains or sewer clean-outs, and the camera relays images back to a monitor. The HD monitor gives the plumber a full view of the interior of the pipe. The images can be recorded and shown to the customer. Using this information, the plumber can plan out the repair, cleaning, or replacement service that will meet the customer’s needs and reduce the time that would otherwise go into trial-and-error efforts. Once the service is completed, the plumber can use the camera to look over the work and show the customer what was done.

This Equipment Comes in Handy All the Time

A case with video pipe inspection equipment is part of the standard set of tools our plumbers have in their vans when they arrive at a home. They can put these cameras to work in a variety of jobs. For example, when a customer has experienced drainage trouble in their house, the plumber can send the camera down into the sewer line and discover that tree roots have grown into the pipe and blocked it. A plumber can use the camera to pinpoint where hidden pipe leaks are occurring, and that makes it much easier to excavate to reach the specific section needing repairs.

Call Our Plumbing Professionals Any Time in Memphis, TN

You won’t have to think much about video pipe inspection equipment when you hire our plumbers for service. They know when to use this tool, and they’ll also put it to use when it will improve service and get the job done faster. Our plumbers never take shortcuts and they customize their services to each client. Like everyone else at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, they take immense pride in doing the best work possible, so customers are happy in their homes in Memphis, TN.

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