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You’ll Know You Have a Leak When…


We’ve all seen the shows and movies that depict someone discovering a leak when a rainstorm hits or they really need to get the home ready for a gathering. These scenes usually involve multiple buckets being placed around the home or an aggressive jet of water spewing out of a cabinet.

While those scenes are great for setting tension or sympathy, they are also an example of leaks that are caught pretty late in the game. See, if you have a leak in your home, you want to find it as soon as you possibly can. If you are wondering how you are supposed to catch a leak without involving the discovery of a puddle, we can give you some pointers.

5 Indicators You Have a Leak

So what are some of the warning signs to watch for that will alert you to the presence of a leak? We’ve listed them for you here.

  1. Increasing water bills: Have you noticed lately that no matter how careful you are about your water use, your water bill seems to only be increasing? This isn’t a plot by your municipal water district, it is usually a warning sign that you have a leak somewhere in your home.
  2. Reduced water pressure: It could pop up first at a kitchen faucet or a shower but reduced water pressure is going to be noticeable. Don’t ignore it! This is often a sign of a problem in your water pipes.
  3. The sound of running water: Walk around your home and listen for the sound of running water. If there is no cause for water to be running (no one is using a sink, shower, washing machine etc.) the source is likely a leak somewhere in your home.
  4. An over-active water meter: Maybe you listened for the sound of running water but you didn’t pick up on anything. Take a moment to track down your water meter and check for activity that is occurring without reason. This indicates a leak.
  5. The smell of mold or mildew: Have you walked into a room in your home and immediately smelled something that was off? Maybe it smelled damp or you picked up on the smell of mold. You aren’t imagining this, it is probably caused by a leak that has created the perfect conditions for the growth of mold or mildew.

What to Do When You Have a Leak

Have you noticed any of the warning signs listed above? Or are you dealing with a situation similar to the ones depicted in a movie with the big puddle or spraying water? Whichever it is, you should reach out to a professional plumber in Southaven, MS as soon as you can to get the issue resolved.

Work with the plumbing service professionals at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to enjoy the benefits of quality service and great customer care from start to finish. Each member of our team is trained and licensed to guarantee the job is done right and your home is kept safe.

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