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Commercial Geothermal Services in Memphis, TN

For businesses interested in making a significant change in how they use energy, installing a commercial geothermal system is one of their best options. Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system not only provides reliable comfort, it also delivers a level of energy savings that few HVAC configurations can provide. Geothermal systems meet and exceed ENERGY STAR requirements for energy conservation and environmental benefits.

A commercial geothermal system requires complex labor to install so it works correctly, and the experts you can depend on in Memphis, TN are at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We’re the oldest company in the region, out of all types of companies, to have a BBB rating. We’ve maintained an A+ rating since 1948, a sign of the trust we’ve earned in the community. Let our knowledgeable and NATE-certified technicians assist your company with all its HVAC needs.

Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis! Contact our team to schedule a geothermal appointment in Memphis and the surrounding area.

Commercial Geothermal Is a Smart Choice

Although the geothermal heat pump isn’t a brand-new technology, business owners are often unfamiliar with how it operates and its benefits.

A geothermal system is a year-round comfort solution, not only a heating one—just like other heat pumps. The system circulates a water and anti-freeze mixture through loops buried in the ground beneath the frost line. At this depth the ground maintains a stable temperature, making it easier for the ground loops to either absorb heat to bring indoors (heating mode) or deposit heat brought from indoors (cooling mode). Conventional heat pumps use the air outside, and during high heat and deep cold weather, they struggle with inefficiency. Geothermal heat pumps don’t have this trouble because of the reliably steady underground temperatures.

Going Geothermal Can Make a Huge Difference

The energy savings from a professional installed commercial geothermal heating and cooling system are significant. Lower bills for your facility aren’t the only advantages:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with lower carbon emissions
  • More than a 50% increase in the life of the equipment—the loops can last for 50 years or more
  • No need to have a large cooling tower installed
  • Lower peak loads for the facility
  • Qualify for government incentives and rebates

The geothermal system must be accurately sized and installed in the best configuration to provide all these benefits to a business. Working with our experienced commercial HVAC technicians will ensure the process is done right and you have a long-lived geothermal heat pump that delivers on all its promise. We install the finest brands, such as Watersource.

Full Geothermal HVAC Services in Memphis, TN

The commercial HVAC technicians at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing are on-call to help with all commercial heating and cooling needs—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our certified technicians are focused on customer needs and know how to ask the right questions, so they do the exact work necessary. We also provide maintenance through our commercial maintenance agreements; there’s no better way to ensure a geothermal system delivers on the promise of years of quality performance.

Our more than 80 years of history shows our commitment to our customers. You’re only minutes away from great commercial HVAC service in Memphis, TN!

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