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Why Would I Need a Video Pipe Inspection Done?


The technology of plumbing has come a long way over the last several decades. There was a time when plumbers had to rely on educated guesswork for many plumbing diagnostics since there was no way they could get a look at the interior of the piping without first taking it out.

Today, thanks to digital and miniaturizing technology, plumbers with the best tools can make full, non-invasive inspections of the interiors of pipes, drains, and sewer lines. Video pipe inspection equipment is a basic part of our toolkit as professional plumbers, and it comes in handy in many ways.

You might wonder why you might need video pipe inspection in Collierville, TN. There are several jobs where doing an inspection is either essential or extremely helpful. 

The Basics of Video Pipe Inspection

First, let’s go over how video pipe inspection works. This will help you understand when we need to use it for your plumbing.

Video pipe inspection equipment consists of a miniature digital camera and LED light attached to the end of a flexible fiber-optic cable. This camera goes down into pipes through an access point (a drain, cleanout, or vent stack) and sends back a live video feed to a monitor so the plumber can see the interior of the pipe. It’s a simple and fast method that gives plumbers a way to see the inside of a home’s plumbing.

When You May Need This Service

  • To diagnose a clog: Not all clogs are the same, and some methods work more effectively than others at removing them. A video pipe inspection lets a plumber see exactly what’s creating the clog so they can find the best and fastest way to clear the pipe.
  • To identify pipe damage: Video pipe inspection equipment is one of the most effective ways for plumbers to locate leaks in pipes due to corrosion or other damage. The video feed shows the location of the damage and its extent, giving plumbers a way to plan for the best remedy.
  • To assess the condition of pipes: This is a service you may want if you are planning to purchase a home that has older plumbing. A thorough inspection with video equipment will give you valuable information about the condition of the plumbing that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. You’ll know where you need repairs and replacements.
  • To prevent bigger problems: During regular maintenance for your plumbing, a video pipe inspection can pinpoint small issues that may eventually turn into bigger ones. The plumbers tackle the problem when it’s less expensive and time-consuming to fix—and also save you from dealing with a major plumbing emergency in the future.

Rely on Us for All Your Plumbing Needs

In most cases, you won’t have to worry about specifically asking us for a video pipe inspection. Our plumbers know when this tool is the most helpful and they’ll put it to the best use. We’ll see that any plumbing concern you have is fixed correctly and fixed fast. 

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