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4 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Install an Air Filtration System


Have you taken the time to consider how clean the air in your house is? If you haven’t, we’d advise doing so now. Taking the condition of your indoor air quality into account is actually highly important to your overall comfort.

The team at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing provides home comfort services that are comprehensive. This is why we service indoor air quality systems along with heating and cooling systems.

We think any and all homeowners should know about air filtration systems in Memphis, TN. This is because this kind of indoor air quality system has the ability to provide a lot of support to your home comfort.

What Is an Air Filtration System?

An air filtration system is actually one that is installed within your ductwork, allowing it to treat all of the air that passes through the ducts. This system uses a semipermeable membrane that air flows through before getting into your home. This system captures airborne debris that would otherwise continue to recirculate through your house, getting surfaces dirty and increasing the risk of allergies and other respiratory issues.

How an Air Filtration System Benefits You

When you use an air filtration system, it can help improve your indoor environment in more than one way. Here are some of the best benefits that you may want to know about.

  1. Better HVAC efficiency: When the air that is circulating through your house is filtered well, it means there is less debris that can collect in and hinder the energy efficiency of your AC or heater. Cleaner air is going to help you save money as a result.
  2. Better heating and cooling: When you give your heater or air conditioner clean air, it’s easier for the systems to work with. This means that cleaner air translates to better home comfort all year long.
  3. Cleaner home: An air filtration system is going to process all of the air that exits your HVAC system and passes through your ductwork. This means it will reduce the amount of dust and other debris that is blown into your home, keeping things cleaner.
  4. Fewer allergies and respiratory issues: Dust, fur, pollen, and other airborne debris are agitators for your eyes, nose, and throat. Less of these contaminants means fewer triggers for anyone with allergies or any other kinds of respiratory issues.

Schedule Your Installation Today!

Does an air filtration system sound like exactly what your home needs to clean things up and improve your comfort? Then you can trust us to handle the installation.

A whole house air filtration system is installed in your ductwork, meaning that the job needs to be handled by a trained professional. Otherwise, you run the risk of harming your ductwork. If and when you want to add an air filtration system to your HVAC system setup, all you have to do is talk to us.

Schedule your appointment to install an air filter with the team at Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis!

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