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What to Know About Each Water Heater Type

Your water heater has more to do with your life than you might think. It affects how much time and money you spend washing dishes and clothes and even how enjoyable your showers and baths are.

Before you buy or replace water heaters in Memphis, TN, it’s worth learning a little bit about all the different types of systems available out there. With adequate information, you can make an informed decision on what fits your needs.

Here’s what you need to know about each kind of water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters

Also known as on-demand type water heaters, this equipment heats water only when needed. A tankless water heater doesn’t have a storage tank. When you turn on your faucet, cold water goes through a heat exchanger where it is heated by natural gas or electricity.

Since tankless water heaters don’t have storage that needs to be refilled, they provide a steady supply of water without end. These units are also more energy-efficient than conventional heaters because they use less energy and water.

However, tankless heaters have their drawbacks too. They can cost a significant amount, which can be challenging if you have a tight budget. Moreover, demand-type water heaters may not be ideal for larger households because they supply water at a slower rate per minute, which can be inconvenient. 

Heat Pump Water Heaters

A heat pump is a device that uses moves heat from one point to another, rather than creating it. A heat pump water heater uses this function to extract heat from the air and warm the water in your storage tank.

If you live in an area that experiences long summers like Memphis and want an energy-friendly water heater, choose heat pump water heaters. These systems can provide an eco-friendly and efficient way to create warm water. If you’re also looking for something small enough to install in an apartment or office building, these units could be a perfect choice.

Heat pump water heaters don’t function as efficiently in cold areas but they can be pretty reliable in climates like ours. However, their installation can be higher priced.

Solar Water Heaters

These are a lot like solar panels in that they use energy from the sun to power themselves. This makes them an extremely eco-friendly option. There are two categories of solar water heating systems: Active and Passive.

Solar water heaters are easy to install and don’t require much maintenance. However, since these systems use solar energy, they might take a lot of time to heat water up to the desired temperatures. They might not also be the best bet during cold days.

Get the Best Deals on Water Heater Services

If you live in Memphis, TN, it’s important to find a reputable company that provides quality water heaters at affordable prices. This is where we come in. We can work with you to figure out which system is the best match for your needs. When the right water heater is found, we can provide expert installation too in order to get your system started on the right foot.

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