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6 Signs That Your Heater Is Struggling


A central component of your home during the coldest of months, your furnace provides heat throughout your home, keeping it cozy. In extreme climates, you wouldn’t be able to live in your home if your furnace has trouble producing heat. You are right to expect your furnace to perform its function reliably and efficiently. It’s not easy to see your furnace has malfunctioned, so you need to keep an eye out for problems and signs of trouble so you can have them addressed quickly.

Here are some warning signs you can look for to determine whether a repair is necessary for your furnace. If you are battling with any of these issues, it is worth it to reach out for prompt heater repair in Olive Branch, MS. Our expert technicians are ready to help if you notice only slight furnace trouble, or if your furnace has stopped working altogether.

1. Poor heating

The primary role of your furnace is to keep your home warm. Sometimes, you may notice that your furnace is not emitting enough heat. This can be caused by various issues. A dirty air filter may be the culprit as it hinders airflow into your system. You can also experience this problem if the air duct is leaking, or the motor is having issues. It is important to check your furnace’s air filter regularly to avoid airflow issues. Beyond this, let a professional figure out what is causing problems.

2. Odd noises

If you hear your furnace making strange sounds (rattling, booming, screeching, etc.) it might be a sign of something more serious. It can be caused by a problem in the motor or even screws coming loose. There is also the possibility that the belt running the motor might be loose or dry leading to concerning noises. Don’t ignore odd sounds from your furnace–get them checked ASAP.

3. Bad smells

An electrical odor may be emitted if your blower motor is seized and overheats, possibly even melting electrical wires connected to the motor. It is also possible to smell unusual odors if there has been a buildup on the heating components of the furnace. Whenever your furnace is failing to work as it should, you should schedule a repair appointment for heater repairs.

These smells are well worth a call for repairs. Along with this, make sure to reach out for repairs if you ever smell sulfur or rotten eggs while running a gas furnace as this may indicate a gas leak.

4. Weak airflow

Your home furnace provides uniform heat throughout your house–or it is supposed to, at the least. Various factors can cause airflow issues. It can be caused by dirty air filters, fan problems, or congested or leaky ducts. A professional might be needed if your furnace is not providing sufficient airflow.

5. Short cycling

Short cycling in your furnace occurs when it repeatedly turns on and off for short periods of time, preventing the house from reaching its desired temperature. If you don’t address short cycling in time, it can completely destroy your furnace.

6. High energy bills

Energy bills that are always too high may indicate a problem with your furnace’s overall performance. This is a sign to get your furnace checked by professionals.

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