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The Role of the Anode Rod

When it comes to your water heater, it pays to know a bit more about how the system works, and how it protects itself. This knowledge can better help you to understand when something goes wrong so you can get repairs quickly.

That is why, today, we are discussing your storage water heater’s anode rod.

Water heaters are made of metal and contain water, which are the two main ingredients to create corrosion. Once corrosion sets into your water heater tank, you have to replace it so it makes sense that you want to prevent corrosion from developing. This is where the anode rod comes into play.

This is a replaceable part that helps to keep your water heater from becoming seriously damaged due to corrosion. But what exactly is corrosion, and how does an anode rod prevent it from happening to water heaters in Hernando, MS?

What is Corrosion

Corrosion is a chemical reaction that is caused by the minerals in your water supply interacting with the ions in metal. This reaction causes refined metals—such as aluminum and steel—to be converted to more stable forms, most notably oxide. That’s why corrosion or rust is referred to as oxidation.

When metal corrodes, the rust starts to eat away at it, leading to leaks in your water heater tank. While a leaky pipe can be fixed, a leaky water heater tank cannot so this is bad news.

What is an Anode Rod

An anode rod is a wire with steel in its core and has aluminum, magnesium, or zinc wrapped around it. The anode rod releases electrons into the water and will corrode much faster than the tank itself. The anode rod acts as a sacrificial part that takes on the corrosion in order to prevent the corrosion of other components.

Anode rods are critical to keeping your water heater from undergoing irreparable damage.

Why is it Important to Replace an Anode Rod

Your water heater’s anode rod needs to be replaced periodically because if the completely corrodes, it will no longer be able to serve its purpose and your water heater will be put at risk.

This can permanently damage the water heater, and could even lead to corrosion getting into your pipes. When corrosion begins, it tends to continue to eat away at the material and can even be transferred to other metal parts that are touching the corroded part.

Is Your Anode Rod Ready for Replacement?

It can sometimes be hard to tell if your anode rod needs to be replaced. Some sure signs to look for include metallic tasting water or water that is red or orange-hued.

Whether you need to replace your anode rod, or replaced a corroded water heater, our team can provide the services you need. We offer comprehensive water heater repairs for storage tank systems and can help you get the best quality of service and longest lifespan from our system.

Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis! Contact Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to get your water heater repairs today.

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