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Go Ductless to Enjoy These Benefits


Memphis summers are hot, humid, and long – too long to be without a reliable air conditioner. This summer is already ramping up to be another hot one. Are you ready?

If you’re looking to replace your current air conditioner, upgrade from a window unit, or need an entire heating and cooling system, consider the benefits of a ductless air conditioner in Memphis.

If you haven’t looked at today’s ductless systems, you might be surprised at how efficient, effective, and small they are. If you didn’t have air conditioning in the past, your choices were a loud, clunky window unit or an electric fan. Today’s units don’t need a window nearby and can cool several rooms from one condenser. And being ductless isn’t the only benefit.

Read on to discover if a ductless system is the right choice for your home comfort.

Benefits of a ductless system

If you are considering adding a ductless system to your home, it may be helpful to the decision-making process if you know the benefits it can offer.

No need for ducts

If your home doesn’t currently use air ducts to deliver your heating or cooling, you may not want the expense and disruption to your home of installing ductwork. This is especially true if you have an older home without the space for ducts.

With a ductless system, you can cool your home without extensive ductwork or clunky, inefficient window units. Instead, one outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor air handlers with refrigerant and condensate conduits. Installation of ductless systems is also easier, less expensive, and more flexible than traditional systems. They can even be suspended from the ceiling.

Better indoor air quality

Ductless units are a great option for those with breathing problems like asthma or allergies. Because they don’t use ducts, they don’t collect the dust, mold, and mildew that can build up in ducts. This means that a ductless system can avoid all of the indoor air quality issues that a ducted system would encounter.

Year-round comfort

Ductless systems can give you clean, efficient temperature control year-round. Most ductless systems aren’t just air conditioners – they’re heat pumps, which means they are complete heating and cooling systems.

Heat pumps move heat from one area to another. In the summer, they pull heat from inside your home and move it outside. In the winter, the process is reversed, and they pull heat from the outside air and move it into your home for warmth. This means that this one system can do the job of two all while using half the space.

Great energy efficiency

No ducts, no duct leaks! Today’s central air systems are energy efficient, but ductless systems are still more energy efficient than ducted units. They use less energy to run and don’t leak energy through ducts as traditional systems may. By some estimates, they can save you 30-40% of your energy costs.

Does a ductless air conditioner sound like a good fit for your home? Come to us to get started!

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