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4 Scary Plumbing Issues That You Can Trust Us To Handle

There is a wide range of plumbing problems that can be considered “minor” and can wait a few days until a professional comes on to fix them. That dripping faucet or the toilet that keeps running are a few examples.

Other problems require immediate attention to minimize risk to your family and home. When it comes to figuring out when to schedule emergency plumbing in Memphis, TN, determining what is really an emergency and worth calling a 24/7 plumber is a must. Here are four situations when you need fast support for a scary plumbing problem.

A burst pipe

A burst pipe can occur for many reasons Maybe your pipe is old and the wear and tear on it have become too much. Perhaps a tree’s roots have found their way into the pipe or someone hit the pipe while doing work in the yard or basement. In all cases, this is a serious event that warrants immediate help.

You may be able to get the water turned off at the main line to stop the gushing water from flooding your house and/or yard. If you cannot do that, your local fire department can help. Once the immediate flooding risk is dealt with, then you’ll want to call the emergency plumber in to make repairs.

A failed water heater

Your water heater is one of the critical components of your home. It helps ensure you have access to hot water for showers, but it also ensures you can properly wash your hands and dishes in a sanitary manner. You do not want to go without hot water in your home for very long.

If your water heater stops working for any reason, call a plumber out to inspect it. In some cases, this could be a simple fix, such as a replacement of the pilot light or a flush of sediment out of the system. Other times, you will need to consider a new water heater. Nevertheless, within a few hours, it could be fixed, and you could be on your way to that hot shower.

Multiple clogged drains

Having a single drain that’s clogged isn’t always an emergency. You can often fix it with a plunger to move things down and get water flowing again.

When there are numerous drains with a clog, that’s not as easy to fix. For example, if your toilet drain and your kitchen sink are not draining properly, that could be an indication of a bigger problem often associated with clogs in your sewer line. That could require investigative help and emergency plumbing to get things moving away again.

A leaking gas line

A leaking gas line is a very dangerous situation. If you suspect there is a gas line leak in your home then you will need to first keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Leave the home and call the fire department for an inspection. They will turn off the gas going to the home until it can be repaired. Once emergency personnel have declared your home safe again, reach out to an emergency plumber ASAP to get the leak found and fixed.

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