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Keep Your Furnace Running With a Tune-Up

We may not have the same gatherings and parties that we enjoyed last year, but this doesn’t mean your home should be any less prepared for winter than it was then. Decorations are likely still going up (we could all use the cheer they provide) and traditions are still being observed as much as possible. Likewise, if you schedule furnace maintenance at this point last year, it is ideal that you plan to do so again.

Furnace maintenance is an important part of your yearly prep for the colder weather to come. Why? Because it can make a world of difference in how easily your system heats your home and how high the cost is to get the job done.

What Furnace Maintenance Can Do For You

Is it perhaps the first or second season that you’ve had your furnace? Maybe you didn’t know furnace maintenance was even a service you could choose before now. If you weren’t sure what the perks of furnace maintenance were, we are happy to fill you in now. Trust us, if you’ve used your furnace for even one season you want to schedule a tune-up.

Maintenance makes a difference for your system’s operation and your home comfort. Here are some key ways that it helps:

  • Improves the safety of your system. Furnaces are built to operate with optimal safety especially when they are installed by a trained professional. However, if a furnace falls into disrepair it can hinder that level of safety it offers. Maintenance ensures that your furnace continues to operate safely and counteracts issues that could develop into safety hazards later on.
  • Improves the heating process. A furnace that has to fight with less dirt, fewer loose parts, and a minimum of other problems is one that will offer better, more effective heating for your home.
  • Reduces your energy use. When you schedule your annual tune-up it will also improve your furnace’s ability to use energy in an efficient manner. This means it uses the minimal amount of fuel and energy to provide the maximum amount of comfort all while costing you less.
  • Keeps your repair needs to a minimum. That dirty air filter or loose bolt may not seem like much now but if left to worsen it can easily become a repair need. Repair needs will be more expensive overall while a yearly tune-up saves the time, money, and stress that might be spent on dealing with frequent repair services.
  • Ensures a maximized lifespan. Last but not least, maintenance is going to help your furnace enjoy a longer lifespan. With fewer issues to battle through and a reduced impact from the stress of regular use, your furnace will be able to operate much longer than it would otherwise. Trust us, delaying that replacement as long as possible is a great idea.

Haven’t scheduled maintenance for your furnace just yet? That’s okay! You can still schedule this service with our team to ensure your comfort this season and beyond.

Contact Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to make an appointment. Since 1943, it’s been Automatic in Memphis!

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