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How Drain Cleaning Helps Your Plumbing


There are plenty of things that can happen in your home’s plumbing. Did you know that your ducts can get too full of debris though? That’s right, leaks aren’t the only issues you may encounter with your pipes–a clog can be a common issue you encounter too. In fact, it may be a bit more common depending on your habits.

If you are struggling to keep your drains clear of clogs, you aren’t without solutions. We aren’t talking about chemical drain cleaners though–we are actually discussing a drain cleaning service. When performed by a pro, drain cleaning can make a hugely positive difference for your home’s drains. Find out more below and schedule a drain cleaning service with our team when you are ready.

How to Tell You Have a Clog In Progress

Here’s the thing: you want to catch a clog before it fully stops any water from making its way through your pipes. Clogs can be a pain to deal with once they are fully formed so addressing them in advance is a great idea. Watch out for these warning signs of trouble in your drains:

  • The flow of water down your drain is slowing down.
  • You notice there is a smell coming from one or more drains.
  • Drains are bubbling or gurgling when you use them.

Do any of these indicators sound familiar to you? If so, you’ll want to make a plan to tackle a clog or two in your home’s drains.

Solving the Clog Problem

What is your usual solution to a drain clog in your home? If your first reaction is to reach for the drain cleaning chemicals, we’d advise against it. The chemicals aren’t really going to solve the problem and they can actually harm your drains in the long run!

So then what is the solution you do want to use when you are trying to battle a clog in one or more of your drains? The best option to choose is opting for drain cleaning services!

Drain cleaning services can come in the form of a drain auger or a hydrojet. Drain augers are used to drill into the clog that is present at which point it can either be pulled out or broken apart. On the other hand, hydrojets use a high-pressure jet of water to blast apart the clog and wash it away.

When you choose a professional drain cleaning service, it will take care of the clog in its entirety. This service can provide additional benefits such as clearing additional build-up from the drains which can prevent frequent clogs in the near future. This can help to keep things flowing and can even extend the lifespan of this part of your plumbing systems.

So, are you having trouble with one or more drains in your home? If so, we are here to help. Our drain cleaning and other plumbing services are going to make a huge difference in your home’s operation.

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