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Warm weather is just around the corner here in Mississippi. If you’re getting spring fever and looking forward to spending time outdoors, there’s one thing you need to do before slipping on your sandals: book your air conditioning tune-up in Hernando, MS.

You depend on your AC to keep your home cool even as temperatures rise. Expecting peak performance without routine maintenance is like trying to keep up top performance in a marathon without any training. Your system simply won’t keep up with the increasing demand for cool air year after year if it’s neglected. Here is what you need to know about getting maintenance for your air conditioner.

What is an AC Tune-up?

Air conditioning tune-ups are often compared to car tune-ups because they serve the same purpose. They’re designed to keep a mechanical system operating at peak performance. A professional technician looks at every component of your air conditioner with the following goals:

  • Clean accumulating dirt and grime
  • Check for low-performing or dysfunctional parts
  • Flush dirt and grime from the drain
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Change or replace air filters

How Often Should You Get an AC Tune-Up?

You should schedule at least one air conditioning tune-up per year. Ideally, you will have your system maintained before the intense heat of summer arrives. That ensures your system is prepared when the highest temperatures hit and demand for cool air rises.

The Benefits of an AC Tune-up

Why should you put AC maintenance on your schedule every spring? It comes down to what is likely to happen to your HVAC system if this service is neglected. These are the benefits you should know about.

Repair Prevention

Without proper maintenance, your AC will need repairs far more often. Yearly maintenance can prevent up to 85% of the repairs your system may need over the course of its lifespan.

Routine tune-ups allow you to catch potential problems before they lead to system failure and larger, more expensive repair bills. For example, if your technician notes a decrease in refrigerant, they know that you have a leak somewhere in the system.

Consistent AC Performance

Keeping your AC clean and optimized through routine maintenance allows all components to operate at peak performance all summer. You don’t have to worry about dust and grime slowing down any component of the system before you are able to use it at all.

The result is consistently cool air. If you notice that the air coming through your vents is getting warmer than usual or your system is struggling to keep up with your temperature setting, chances are high that you’re past due for a tune-up.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

You probably know that your air conditioning requires a lot of energy to operate. The more inefficient it is, the more you’ll feel it on your electric bill.

When your AC is not maintained properly, it places an even heavier demand on your energy. Consistent maintenance each year will help prevent a loss of 5% of your system efficiency each year.

Enhanced Lifespan

A well-maintained AC system is a longer-lasting system. You simply get more back you take care of your investment. Maintenance can help your AC last several years longer than it would without this service.

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