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When is a Shocking AC Repair Bill Too High?

It is a known fact that no one enjoys having to deal with air conditioning repairs. They are going to be a higher price than the usual tune-up would be. What’s more, it means that your system is likely sucking up more energy which leads to higher energy bills too.

Repairs are going to require a bit more from your budget when they do pop up. But they shouldn’t be something that makes you rethink the family vacation next year. We are here to address the question of how high is too high when it comes to the price of an AC repair in Arlington, TN.

The Warning of a High Bill: The Rule of 5000

Air conditioner repairs aren’t going to be cheap. With that said, there is such a thing as a repair bill that is too high. This is where the “Rule of 5000” comes into play.

The rule goes like this. You take the cost of the repair and multiply it by the age of the unit. If the result that you get is higher than 5000, it means that you have a system in trouble–in short, one that needs to be replaced.

For example, let’s look at a repair bill that is above $300 for a system that is 10-years-old and has been pretty well maintained. That ends up being a total of 3000 so you should usually be able to get by with the repair. If, however, you have a repair bill that is $450 for a system that is around 12-years-old, the math gives you a total of 5400–which means that you need to prep for a replacement sooner than later.

More Warnings of an AC Ready to Retire

Of course, you usually won’t want to wait until your repair bills are too high to get your system replaced. That is why it is good to know some of the other warning signs that indicate your system may need to be upgraded. These warning signs include:

  • Age: An air conditioner that is between 10 to 15 years old, or more, is one that will need to be replaced sooner than later.
  • Frequent repairs: Expensive repairs aren’t the only problem to be on the alert for. If you have repair needs every year, this is another sign of a system that needs an upgrade.
  • No cool air. Your AC unit has one key job and that is to cool your home. If it is unable to produce cool air anymore, even with regular maintenance and prompt repairs, it means it likely needs replacing.

If and when you need to have your air conditioner replaced, it is best to turn to a professional to get the job done right. That is what our team is here to help with. We can assess your AC unit to see if it does need to be replaced and if so, we will guide you through every step of the process. We are even providing $30 off service calls right now!

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