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How a Dirty Filter Leads To AC Repairs

It is incredible to think about how small problems can snowball into incredibly detrimental ones. For example, if you start to hear a strange noise in your care and ignore it for too long, you could end up needing a tow in the future. The same can be said for small issues within your air conditioner.

It is safe to say that the most underestimated issue in your air conditioner is that of a dirty air filter. While that filter is meant to capture dirt and debris, it isn’t meant to do so forever. Leaving a clogged filter in place can lead to multiple problems including the need for air conditioning repair in Southaven, MS.

The Trouble a Dirty Air Filter Can Cause

So what can a bad air filter do? Well, depending on how long it goes unaddressed, any of these issues can pop up:

  • Reducing airflow: As your filter starts to collect excess dirt, it will start to block the flow of air into your AC unit which can slow the flow of cool air into your home.
  • Reducing air quality: All that dirt and debris isn’t going to just stay where it is. The worse the layer of debris gets the more likely it is to get into your system and, thereby blow into your home.
  • Dirty evaporator coil: Dirt and debris may start to collect on your evaporator coil more as your filter becomes clogged up. This can reduce the efficacy of the cooling process and reduce your comfort while adding stress to your system.
  • Frozen evaporator coil: With poor airflow coming into the system and reduced heat transfer in the evaporator coil, things will worsen as the coil is unable to heat up. This will lead to the formation of ice on the coil as it is unable to warm up enough.
  • Short cycling: As the ice layer on your evaporator coil worsens it will impact your air conditioner increasingly. The biggest way that this will become apparent is when the AC starts to short cycle.
  • Increased energy bills: The harder your AC system has to struggle to cool the air, the higher your energy bills will be.

Preventing Trouble With an Air Filter Change

The added strain that your system is going to encounter due to a clogged air filter is avoidable. This should come as good news! By cleaning off your air filter, you can restore the strong, clean flow of air into your system that it needs. This is why we recommend changing out your filter every one to three months, based on your use of your system. Of course, if you have a reusable filter, we’d advise cleaning it with about the same frequency.

Air filter changes are going to be the easiest and more affordable thing you can do to benefit your AC system. However, if your system is struggling with larger issues, we’d suggest reaching out for additional professional help. That’s what we are here for after all.

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